Mariah Carey Responds To New Years Eve 2016 Terrible Performance/ Jennifer Lopez Throws Shade.

If you missed Mariah Carey’s nightmare of performance on NYE click Here to watch.

More deets on the incident.

She was the last pre-midnight guest on the ABC special — which included a performance by Fifth Harmony. While those ladies were in sync, Carey was far less lucky.

Sounds problems plagued Carey’s appearance, beginning with her take on the New Year’s Eve classic “Auld Lang Syne.” Seconds into that number, it became clear Carey could not hear the backup vocals heard on the live broadcast, causing her to get flustered. It didn’t get better as Carey moved into her second number of the evening: her 1991 hit “Emotions.” There, Carey barely sang, pausing to tell the audience “We didn’t have a [sound] check for this song, so we’ll just say it went to No. 1 and that’s what it is, okay?”

Mimi did not give a damn about the backlash.

Peep the response on the gram.


This post is not over yet…

Social media caught Ms. Jennifer Lopez being shady on the gram.

Mimi was  shading J LO with the “I don’t know her response.” Click Here and Here if you missed that.

You can watch Jennifer Lopez’s NYE 2016 performance with no technical difficulties  HERE.



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