Dick Clark Productions Claps Back At Mariah Carey’s Sabotage Claims.

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Dick Clark Production pretty much says Mimi and her team are liars…

Dick Clark Productions has released a statement following accusations by Mariah Carey that the company was to blame for her performance mishap on ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

DCP fired back with the following statement provided to Deadline:

“As the premier producer of live television events for nearly 50 years, we pride ourselves on our reputation and long-standing relationships with artists. To suggest that dcp, as producer of music shows including the American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and Academy of Country Music Awards, would ever intentionally compromise the success of any artist is defamatory, outrageous and frankly absurd. In very rare instances there are of course technical errors that can occur with live television, however, an initial investigation has indicated that dcp had no involvement in the challenges associated with Ms. Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance. We want to be clear that we have the utmost respect for Ms. Carey as an artist and acknowledge her tremendous accomplishments in the industry.”

President Obama will say goodbye to the nation on January 10th.

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So sad…

President Barack Obama has scheduled his farewell address for January 10th, according to an email statement released earlier today, reported by Reuters. The President will reportedly use the venue as an opportunity to thank those who have supported him over the past eight years while also offering some commentary on what the future holds for the country, especially after such a volatile year in the political and cultural landscape. The event will come just ten days before President-elect Trump is set to be sworn in as the commander-in-chief on January 20th.

Orlando Brown Releases A Sex Tape.

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Orlando starts his new year by trolling on social media by releasing his own sextape.

Social media reacts to the news..

First day of 2017 and we have an Orlando Brown sextape. Onto 2018.

Speaking of strokes or lack thereof, Orlando Brown needs to be tranquilized.

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  1. Was wondering why Orlando brown was trending ….. and after seeing 1 second of the video