Soulja Boy talks Rihanna, Leaving LHH & Upcoming Fight with Chris Brown Promoted by Floyd Mayweather Jr On ‘HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED’.


Cliff notes below..

Pretty Boy Floyd and Soulja discuss the Chris Brown fight and more shit…

  • At the beginning of the interview Floyd instead of going back and forth on social media. Do it the old school way by fighting with their hands. (0:00-1:19) mark.
  • Soulja Boy talks how the situation multiple beefs starts at the (2:18) mark. Soulja says, “It’s just all different situations that happen unexpectedly. You know what I mean. It was no situation where is I woke up that day I’m go with this hardest.. Each situation happens differently.  Things escalated quickly and you know I issue my apology.Who ever wants to  fight let’s get in the ring and get it out the way.
  • At the 6:34 mark Soulja Boy explains the gun cases.  Basically a couple years back I got caught with a firearm. I was driving my Bentley. Police pulled me over I ran a stop sign. They search my car and found a pistol. They put me on probation for two years. I just got off probation like two weeks ago. So recently I’ve been in a lot of beefs and stuff like that and I’ve been flashing guns. So somebody called the police and snitched on me. Said I have guns in the house. My probation officer came to the house. I had three more days left before I got off probation. So they came and found the guns and locked me up. I got out of jail less than 24 hours. That’s because I have the best lawyers in LA. I bonded out and I paid my lawyer. He got all the charges dropped.
  • At the 9:39 mark Soulja Boy explains beef with Chris Brown.
  • At the 10:52 mark Soulja Boy explains returning back to his hood.
  • At the 15:14 mark  Soulja denies getting robbed and claims Chris Brown has not returned to the hood in two years.
  • At the 15:58 mark Soulja Boy finally explains beef with Chris Brown liking Karrueche pictures.
  • At the 18:46 mark. Soulja claims he was with Rihanna tells folks to google the shit.
  • At 22:46 mark. Soulja Boys says Chris Brown copies his whole swag.

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