Too Late.. Sherri Shepherd Apologizes For Posting A Fight At Ricky Harris’ Funeral.

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So much for resting in peace…

Everyone wants to have the exclusive footage of drama and are not mindful about what they post on social media. Sherri is one of them.

Sherri wanted  to be a hood reporter and recorded a fight that went down at the late Ricky Harris funeral. Due to all the backlash the heifer apologized.

Sherri Shepherd has apologized for sharing video of a fight at the funeral of comedian and actor Ricky Harris.

The former co-host of “The View” posted video to Periscope on Tuesday expressing her outrage at the fight during the gathering in Long Beach, California. She explained in the video that someone came inside the funeral home and went toward rapper Snoop Dogg. She said Snoop’s bodyguard tackled the man “and then it was just a big fight.”

The videos were reposted by TMZ.

Shepherd says in a statement that posting the video was “an impulsive and emotional reaction after what I later learned was a misunderstanding” and that she’s “sorry for any distress the video caused.”

Click Here to watch the video.


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