Dylann Roof sentenced to death for killing 9 church members

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Dylann Roof was sentenced to death Tuesday for fatally shooting nine black church members during a Bible study session, becoming the first person ordered executed for a federal hate crime.

A jury deliberated for about three hours before returning with the decision, capping a trial in which the 22-year-old avowed white supremacist did not fight for his life or show any remorse. He served as his own attorney during sentencing and never asked for forgiveness or mercy or explained the massacre.

TIP Briefly Talks About His Relationship Status With Tameka Harris Since Messy Divorce Drama On Dish Nation.


Although TIP previous interview went left when asked about the divorce drama  click Here if you missed that.

TIP seems like he in a better mood and answer a few question in a interview wirh Dish Nation.

During an interview with Headkrack and the rest of the Atlanta crew, the 36-year-old rapper revealed how he, Tiny and their children were doing since news of the divorce made headlines.

Let’s Go.
HeadKrack asks TIP: “How’s everything going between you and the Mrs.?”

Tip says, “I am fine”… He continues, “The kids are great man.. They had a phenomenal Christmas. Everybody doing great. She’s [Tameka Harris] is doing great.

Mariah Carey’s Walk of Fame Star Vandalized.

When it rains it pours…

More trouble for my fav. Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was vandalized over the weekend … in a much more subtle way than Donald Trump’s.
A rep for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce tells us … they called the LAPD Sunday and they gave cops a lead — someone on Instagram claimed responsibility.
We’re told it cost $1,500 to restore the star. Hollywood Historic Trust has already had it cleaned up.
Cops are on the hunt. They’re pulling surveillance video. The investigation is for felony vandalism

President Barack Obama To Deliver Farewell Speech In Chicago.

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When reality kicks in President Obama gives his farewell speech in Chicago.

You can live stream President Obama’s speech on ABC 7.

President Obama’s farewell address is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. People who are not planning to listen to his speech in person can watch it live on ABC7.

Unless something happens between Tuesday night and Jan. 20, when President Obama boards Air Force One after delivering his speech, it will be his last trip as president outside Washington, D.C.

After the inauguration, Obama will board the plane and fly to an undisclosed location. But the jet technically won’t be Air Force One any longer.

The president has said he plans to take Michelle Obama on vacation to a warm location after they leave the White House.

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World Star Hiphop Is Coming To MTV 2 In Feb On MTV 2 Hosted By Charlamagne Tha God.


Are you ready or nah?

Russell Simmons ‘All Def Digital’ and ‘World Star Hip Hop’ will be on the net work in Feb.

According to the press release,  The comedy and lifestyle channel is set to premiere two new series, plus a fresh spin on a network favorite, kicking off in early February. An all-new show from World Star Hip Hop promises more hilarity than you can handle, while Russell SimmonsAll Def Digital brings to light a slew of stereotypes across cultural, racial and gender lines.

In an exciting series reinvention, Uncommon Sense enters its third season in a brand-new live format, hosted by Charlamagne Tha God.

Driver Arrested in Kim Kardashian Jewelry Heist.

This week 17 men ages 23 to 72 were arrested in connection with Kim Kardashian’s Paris home invasion [click here if you missed that].

Now one of the accused has been identified as her own driver…

According to reports one 27-year-old suspect works for the car service used exclusively by the Kardashians whenever they are in Paris.

The story is developing.

Rumor Alert. Prince’s Estate Nearing Streaming Deals Pegged to Grammy-Night Tribute, Possibly Featuring The Weeknd, Rihanna, Bruno Mars.

Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and The Weeknd could possibly to a tribute to Prince at the Grammys.

According to reports, The Grammys are planning a major tribute to Prince, for which The Weeknd, Rihanna and Bruno Mars have been discussed or approached, the source says. Prince, who won seven Grammys out of 24 nominations and appeared on the show several times, died of an accidental drug overdose on April 21 at the age of 57.

A likely scenario would see a TV commercial air during the Grammy broadcast following the tribute, which would announce that certain songs are immediately available on Spotify, Apple Music and possibly other services.

Black Girls Rock! Beyoncé Interviewed Solange for Interview.

Dope news!

Solange’s album ‘A Seat At The Table’ deserves all the recognition in the music industry. This is one of Solange’s best work ever. I am looking forward to what Solange will do next. Beyonce does an interview with her baby sister Solange.

Read below…

Here is portion of the Solange’s interview.

Solange was, of course, born and raised in Houston and fell in with the family biz (managed by her father, filling in from time to time with her sister’s Destiny’s Child). Since then she has ranged further afield, living in Los Angeles, in Brooklyn, popping up in the odd movie and TV show, even performing on Yo Gabba Gabba. For the past few years, she and her husband, the director Alan Ferguson, and her son, Julez, have lived in New Orleans, where she runs her record label and online cultural hub Saint Heron. In December, Solange brought it all full circle, getting on the phone with her big sis to talk about the challenges and achievements of a lifetime.

BEYONCÉ: Are you exhausted? I know you had a parent-teacher conference …

SOLANGE: Yeah, I actually had to fly to Philly because there were no flights left to New York. And now I’m driving from Philly to New York. Well, I’m not driving, but …

BEYONCÉ: You have to drive? From Philly?

SOLANGE: Yeah. But it’s not bad. It’s only an hour and 40 minutes.

BEYONCÉ: Oh my God! Rock star. Well, it is a bit strange, because we’re sisters and we talk all the time, to be interviewing you. But I’m so happy to interview you because, clearly, I’m your biggest fan and I’m super proud of you. So we’ll start from the beginning. Growing up, you were always attracted to the most interesting fashion, music, and art. You were obsessed with Alanis Morissette and Minnie Riperton and mixing prints with your clothes … when you were only 10 years old. You would lock yourself in a room with your drum set and a record player and write songs. Do you remember that? Of course you do.

SOLANGE: I do. [both laugh]

BEYONCÉ: What else attracted you growing up?

SOLANGE: I remember having so much perspective about my voice, and how to use my voice, at such a young age—whether it was through dance, poetry, or coming up with different projects. I guess I always felt a yearning to communicate—I had a lot of things to say. And I appreciated y’all’s patience in the house during all of these different phases. They were not ever very introverted, quiet phases.

BEYONCÉ: No, not at all. [both laugh] I remember thinking, “My little sister is going to be something super special,” because you always seemed to know what you wanted. And I’m just curious, where did that come from?

SOLANGE: I have no idea, to be honest! I always knew what I wanted. We damn sure know that I wasn’t always right. [both laugh] But I’d sit firm, whether I was right or wrong. I guess a part of that was being the baby of the family and being adamant that, in a house of five, my voice was being heard. Another part is that I remember being really young and having this voice inside that told me to trust my gut. And my gut has been really, really strong in my life. It’s pretty vocal and it leads me. Sometimes I haven’t listened, and those times didn’t end up very well for me. I think all of our family—you and mom—we’re all very intuitive people. A lot of that comes through our mother, her always following her gut, and I think that spoke to me really loudly at a young age and encouraged me to do the same.

BEYONCÉ: You write your own lyrics, you co-produce your own tracks, you write your own treatments for your videos, you stage all of your performances, all of the choreography … Where does the inspiration come from?

SOLANGE: It varies. For one, I got to have a lot of practice. Growing up in a household with a master class such as yourself definitely didn’t hurt. And, as far back as I can remember, our mother always taught us to be in control of our voice and our bodies and our work, and she showed us that through her example. If she conjured up an idea, there was not one element of that idea that she was not going to have her hand in. She was not going to hand that over to someone. And I think it’s been an interesting thing to navigate, especially watching you do the same in all aspects of your work: Society labels that a control freak, an obsessive woman, or someone who has an inability to trust her team or to empower other people to do the work, which is completely untrue. There’s no way to succeed without having a team and all of the moving parts that help bring it into life. But I do have—and I’m unafraid to say it—a very distinctive, clear vision of how I want to present myself and my body and my voice and my perspective. And who better to really tell that story than yourself? For this record specifically, it really started with wanting to unravel some truths and some untruths. There were things that had been weighing heavy on me for quite some time. And I went into this hole, trying to work through some of these things so that I could be a better me and be a better mom to Julez and be a better wife and a better friend and a better sister. Which is a huge part of why I wanted you to interview me for this piece. Because the album really feels like storytelling for us all and our family and our lineage. And having mom and dad speak on the album, it felt right that, as a family, this closed the chapter of our stories. And my friends’ stories—every day, we’re texting about some of the micro-aggressions we experience, and that voice can be heard on the record, too. The inspiration for this record came from all of our voices as a collective, and wanting to look at it and explore it. I’m so happy I got to take my time in that process. And the end result feels really rewarding.

BEYONCÉ: Well, it brought tears to my eyes to hear both of our parents speak openly about some of their experiences. And what made you choose Master P to speak on the album?

SOLANGE: Well, I find a lot of similarities in Master P and our dad.

BEYONCÉ: Me, too. [laughs]