Waka Flocka Post Receipts Proving The Woman Accuse Him Of Cheating Is A Dirty Liar!

Some thot out here trying to break up a happy home.  Later, Waka expose the person of lying about the entire thing on the gram.

It all went down when….

A woman gets a little cocky and continues to taunt Waka and his wife on social media. It got so badly Waka’s wide speaks out on social media.

Read the entire fuckery below.


  • Capture.PNG
  • celeb_gozzipThis is the video she posted. At the very end it shows @wakaflocka sleeping with clothes on but …..that’s all it shows and again remember how many times she’s been been caught lying on rappers 💁🏽


Waka responds on the gram.
talkyourishblogREPOST @wakaflocka – To sit and take your time making a fake video is signs of mental issues‼️Propaganda‼️Propaganda‼️Propaganda‼️FUCKINGPropaganda‼️Never again will I take my marriage for granted‼️@charliesangelll 👈 Sorry for all this propaganda bullshit baby 😡😡 #wakaflocka #atl #atlanta #wakaflockaflame

Later Waka post proof on the gram.

wakaflockaSleeping video 🤔😡 And the year just starting… #Family1stMotherFuckers I’m really about to start back fucking y’all up again on the air my momma breath #NoMoreSorrys



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