Adrienne Houghton Spills The Tea On Her Sexy Honeymoon With Isreal Houghton.

I take Adrienne Bailon took a page out of Ciara’s book and letting the world know  about  getting some on her wedding night. Although,  Ciara did not have the paparazzi and kept it cute.

Adrienne Bailon tells In Touch Weekly at the honeymoon with Israel Houghton at Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia.

“It was hands-down the sexiest place I’ve ever been. We had a huge infinity pool in our room. I literally swam naked all day. We also did a chocolate tasting and a rum tasting,” Adrienne says, adding that they loved how private the resort was.

“It was an escape from the world, just the two of us. So there was a lot of lovemaking. I barely left my room,” Adrienne explains.

Adrienne Bailon Israel Houghton honeymoon In Touch

(Photo Credit: In Touch)

“When it would occasionally rain, we’d just cuddle and listen to music,” she adds. “It was better than I could have ever dreamed.”


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