Marlon Wayans Claps Back Saying He Made An Inappropriate Comment About His Daughter On The Gram.


Social media went ham on Marlon over his post on the gram about his daughter.  I’m sure baby girl is somewhere saying  too much information.

Did Marlon go to far or nah?


Marlon responds to the backlash.

  • marlonwayans@kangyali_ she may but she’ll remember how awesome of a dad I am and chalk it off daddy not giving a fuck because that’s my job
  • marlonwayans@herredruby say what I want how I want my life my page boundaries are for you… and people like you. Not for me I got shit to do and it lies in this uncomfortable area. It’s like telling a doctor “why you cutting people with that knife”? He’d calmly say “bitch, I’m doing surgery. Now calm down and let me do what I do”
  • marlonwayans@reachforthestars2017 nah I’m just gonna be me. U should try to be less judgemental I do jokes… some ain’t for u that’s cool but then again u ain’t in the pic
  • marlonwayans@lil_lala02 um because she did!!! She 16 almost 17 she had sex Ed and the birds and the bees 🐝 talk. I’m just saying.
  • marlonwayans@bodydiva don’t argue with her let @liane4g find her daddy. Maybe he’ll teach her the true meaning of love and that it doesn’t lie in the superficial of words but the complexity of ACTION. Because he is there and fills u daily with love encouragement and unbridled confidence. Let her humorless Ass stay lonely. Ain’t nobody love her so she don’t know



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