Amber Rose Claps Back At Over Activist Slammed Her On The Gram.


It all went down when this social media activist called out Amber Rose on Live . The person accused Amber of pulling a scam.

Read this..

Share if you support survivors! TRIGGER WARNING- molestation/incest 🙅🏽 Amber Rose is doing a live stream right now asking for confessions. A girl started telling about her Uncle molested her and Amber Rose HUNG UP on her and said “that’s too deep.” Then, Amber Rose, Blac Chyna and all their friends laughed. I thought you were and advocate for survivors @amberrose? How could you do that when the Amber Rose slut walk is for survivors of rape and molestation?? Oh that’s right- MONEY. I want you all to know that as I rise in fame and abundance, I will always stand with you and FOR you. I will teach you how to be divine feminists, how to heal from rape, and how to be spiritual sluts with grace 💅🏾 @amberrose is not fighting for us. She is fighting for HERSELF, her reputation, and desperate need to not be vilified for being a stripper once upon a time. I will always stand with you, for you, and I will always believe you!! I was totally for the cause but @amberrose just revealed herself to be a scam. 🙄 See last post ✨ #CreatingConsentCulture#amberrose #amberroseslutwalk #ignoranceg



Amber responds in a lengthy message on the gram.

amberroseI was on IG live last night with my friends a woman called in and said that she was molested by her uncle when she was 5 years old at the same time laughing with her friend in the background. She obviously wanted A moment on our IG live that’s why I said ” That’s too much” and hung up on her. I’m not gonna deal with people that think its funny or they just want to get a little five minutes of fame on Instagram. It’s really fucked up because I give my life to helping women, rape victims, sexual assault victims and women that have suffered from molestation. Furthermore there were people in that room with me last night that were molested, also SO WAS MY MOTHER! So why would I ever laugh at someone that was molested???? All of you so called supporters of mine were never supporters at all, if you were you would’ve known better. Also I’m so sick of people saying that I make all of this money from slut walk. Guess how much I make??? 0 fucking dollars Slut Walk is FREE and I put my blood sweat and tears into it every year. I’ve taken so many punches for all of you!!! From social media, media outlets, people on the street to brands that won’t even work with me because I stand for women and Slut shaming. It’s disappointing that you can devote your life into helping people every single day and one misunderstanding everybody turns their back on you. Stand up and make a change! Ask yourself what are YOU doing for Women’s Rights? Or whatever ur cause is. Know ur facts before you try to erase all the good someone has done. I have an extremely compassionate heart and I will continue to take the punches – Muva


It’s not over yet…

ambertheactivistSEE LAST POST- She blocked me for posting about something she did in front of 10,00 people. Haha okay. Silly Amber thought I followed her. NOPE! lol Amber Rose- you will be forever invisible to me on the red carpet. Forever. #AmberRose #foreverinvisible #amberthescammer #amberroseslutwalk #creatingconsentculture

ambertheactivist[Edit-HOLD UP: I just reread this. Did she really say, “she obviously wanted a moment” as in, “she wanted attention??” Damn, Amber you just made it worse] Amber the Scammer is gaslighting 10,000 people with the post about her actions last night. No ownership. No apology. Just crying a fucking river and making it all about her. #amberrose #supportsurvivors #amberroseslutwalk



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