‘R&B Divas’ Syleena Johnson Calls Out Chrisette Michele Over Performing At Donald Trump’s Inauguration.


Ms. Syleena Johnson says Chrisette Michele reason to perform at Donald Trump’s event is bull crap.

Syleena post on social media…

syleenajohnsonOk… Chrisette sing if you want to, that is your choice, but it is inaccurate to say you are representing us. Who is “Us”? Black people? White people? All people? Dr. King protested by being the opposite of the noise, not joining it. He did the opposite of what our oppressors were doing, and it was a form of silence that spoke very loudly. I am not sure who you are referring to when you speak of silence. There has been a very vocal uproar of people of ALLL ethnicities speaking out about how they feel about the election and the results. The concern is not necessarily black and white totally, but more so about the act of celebrating a man who is plainly not for your culture OR your gender. I will never hate you or speak negatively about you, you are my sister in song, and whether I like your decision or not, I will respect you always and your gift. I’m sure you’ll sing well, however I’m unsure it will matter much to the people who you’re singing to, like it matters to the people you say you are singing for.😕 #withlove #noshade#justanotheroutlooktoconsider#thisisnotastonebutapebble



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