21 Savage Addresses Rape Tweet On Social Media.


On Friday the rapper received a ton of backlash over his tweet on social media which is currently deleted.

“I work so hard I feel like the ladies [supposed] to fuck me and let me do my thing it’s mandatory you please me for all this hard work baby!” he wrote.

Social media drag his ass to filth.


The rapper responds to the backlash.

“Everything I say y’all try and twist it fuck I look like supporting rape y’all dum as fuck”

“a real bitch should see how hard a real nigga is working and want to give him Lee way and not try and make him commit or tie him down”

“Read next time before y’all try n find any reason to hang me I’m to player and nice to women to support some sick ass shit like dat”

In similar news, 21 Savage signs with Epic Records

The 24-year-old Atlanta rapper sat down with the Rap Radar Podcast to discuss his reluctance to collaborate with other rappers, his relationship with Drake, and why he signed to Epic Records.

Listen to Rap Radar’s full interview with 21 Savage here.


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