Rickey Smiley Blames Producer For His Son Statement About Black Women On ‘Rickey Smiley For Real’ TV One.

Rickey’s Smiley son Craig made some ignorant comment about a beautiful black women on reality  TV show. I won’t lie it has been awhile since I watch  the show due to school and stuff.

In episode 9 season 3 of their reality show, Craig tried setting Malik up with a Black woman because “all he’s dated was white and Mexicans.”

Things got a bit awkward when Craig pulled his cousin aside to explain why he’s not into his blind date — a Black woman.

“Her face,” he said. “Black females are not attractive to me. I look at them like my sisters… I went to an all-white school. Sometimes people have different tastes, and I don’t have a taste for her.”

Oddly enough the episode does not work on TV One click Here to watch on BET.

Rickey Smiley addresses the situation and throws the producer under the bus. I will keep you updated on what will happen next…

Rickey SmileyVerified account

And for the recored the producer told my son the make that statement about black women. He’s about to apologize on the air



Gif from Here


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