“She’s Woke”Chrisette Michele Drops New Song “No Political Genius” Following Donald Trump Performance.

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Singing a gospel song in for Donald Trump inauguration and accepting a check from a well known racist  is a definition of woke. You can keep the “Still I Rise’ water down song to your self boo! Not one time did you take a political stance while singing gospel song to  call out Donald Trump and be a voice for the community. Those white folks did not know what the hell you was sanging. But leave it to Ms. Thing. She’s a woke ! I’m deep! Did the check clear once you release your single or nah?

Anyway, Chrisette conveniently drops a new single “No Political Genius”. She’s right about that.

Your hateful words won’t be my defining moment … They will be my ammunition to fight the system/We will win them/Hope is alive/This is my standing/For John Lewis and Ben Carson/Questlove, Spike Lee, and before them/I won’t divide now/That’s not smart now/God before me, I won’t back down/This is my damn America now

Listen here.

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