Blind Item. Why She Did Not March?

Image result for beyonce and taylor 2016

Picture does not represent the blind item..

[Blind Gossip] While many female celebrities chose to participate in the Women’s March on Saturday, those who did not are being questioned.

If you are wondering why this very famous young female singer stayed far away… wonder no more!

LOL. There was NO WAY she was going to march!

Yes, she’s definitely a feminist, but she sees how ugly other celebrities have gotten in the past year with the screaming and yelling and getting vulgar and violent about politics and social causes.

First of all, that’s not her personality. Secondly, she sees how much it alienates people and she’s not about to alienate half of her fan base for ANY politician or cause! While everyone else was going nuts, she just wanted to keep her head down, give a diplomatic response, and go right back to work.



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