Elizabeth Ruiz Talks Von Miller Sex Tape, And Claims Desean Jackson Has A Mini Egg Plant On Hollywood Unlocked.


Elizabeth Ruiz  tells all from the Von Miller’s sextape and Desean Jackson’s mini eggplant.

Elizabeth talks about what went down with Von Miller in Cancun, she also spoke about her past sexual encounter with footballer Desean Jackson and his Chinese penis….

Elizabeth talks about the update status on legal battle with Von Miller at the 25:15- 30:15 mark. She explains, “The video is being held in court right now. Elizabeth says, “She does not have possession of the tape anymore.

Elizabeth calls Desean Jackson’s  mini egg plant a Chinese penis at the 40:04 mark.

Elizabeth talks about Lil Wayne at the 33:40 and again at 35:46 mark.  Elizabth responds, “I do here and there, I know he’s really busy.

Desean is not thrilled about the interview and claps back on the gram.

0ne0foneFemales dyin for attention 😂😂 why you so mad Speaking up on me smh Real Low Life ..



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