Rickey Smiley Briefly Talks About His Son’s Comment On ‘RSMS’.

Image result for malik smiley 2017

Yesterday on the ‘RSMS’ Rickey Smiley address his son’s comment over preferring  white and Mexicans and bad mouthing hid date on the show. If you missed the story click Here to read.

Rickey says on the show, “Anybody watch ‘Rickey Smiley For Real’ on Tuesday’s night on TV One? ” Rickey continues, “There was a few things that bothers me personally about this season the ratings are awesome.  Me personally there are some things that kinda got under my skin… My goals and my directions is for grandmothers, mothers, and kids. I’m trying to reach three generations to bring some fun and good quality to reality TV.  And, sometimes you get somebody in a room that have a different agenda and force it on the show. Of course, I work a lot and I can’t be there for all of the scenes. So last week my son coincidentally text me and says, “I made a mistake”… and he is getting blowed  up on social media. because of his statement about notbeing attracted to black women. This is my 15 years old son Malik. Because if our target  audience is black women. Why would you have a 15 year old kid and let that air up there making a disparaging statement black women.



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