Joseline Hernandez on Kirk Frost’s Mistress Drama On ‘The Real’.

The blogs are buzzing about Kirk and his mistress.

According to reports Kirk just got slapped with a lawsuit claiming he abandoned his side piece and their baby after she broke up with him.

The side piece is seeking a court ordered DNA test and $2,500 a month in temporary support.

Kirk and his wife, Atlanta rapper Rasheeda, have been married for 18 years.

Joseline reacts to the news on ‘The Real’ platform.

She even spill some tea.

Joseline says in the clip…

I love Rasheeda. She’s a good lady. And, she’s been married… I think they’ve been married for like 15 years.But, this is what I always say about people that’s doing reality TV. Don’t come in there faking it. ‘Cause guess what, it always come out in the light…..So, you come up in there, you know, for six years. You think, you know, you showing to the world, “Oh we perfect. Nothing ever happened to us.” If you notice, on Love & Hip Hop, Rasheeda and Kirk is always the cleanest one. Right? And so they never have no tea going on. But guess what, when you faking it, the truth always come out. So you know what, I hear in Atlanta. I know a lot of people. You know, I stay in the streets. I keep my ears close to the street, okay.‘Cause, I got to know what’s going on honey. I got to be prepared for them little…The word is that he do got a baby and you know, it’s not from Rasheeda. It’s from some ex-stripper that used to…

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