Steve Harvey in Dallas Courtroom To Stop The Release Of Old Tapes.


Back in August of next year Steve is suing former videographer over who owns rights to footage.

According reports, In the case currently playing out in a Texas federal court, Harvey is tangling with Joseph Cooper, who was hired back in 1993 to tape performances at Harvey’s Dallas club. Cooper has retained about 120 hours of footage and claims ownership.

More details on Steve’s tapes surface on the blogs.

 Steve Harvey was in a Dallas federal courtroom Tuesday for a lawsuit over unreleased comedy tapes.

The tapes were reportedly made when Harvey was much younger. They include embarrassing and in some case racist material. Harvey reportedly encourages his fans to spit on white people at one point.

First Steve manages to piss off black folks with the Donald Trump meeting.  Steve also receive backlash from the Asian community over jokes  on his show.  The white people are next. Steve is tripping on those L’s…..

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