The Young Lady Aranique Ernest Rickey Smiley’s Son Bad Mouth On ‘Rickey Smiley For Real’ Show Speaks Out.

After Rickey Smiley and his son speak about the ongoing backlash…. The young lady Aranique Ernest speaks out and says she has no idea Rickey’s son was saying disrespectful things about her.

In response to Fame story…

Aranique responds.

  • fameolousent_The girl who went on the date with @realrickeysmiley‘s son on the show has released a statement to #Fameolous.
    She writes,

    I’m the girl that was preferred as being “a basic black female” on Rickey Smiley show and I do not feel any kind of way about his comment but I feel betrayed and embarrassed because of the fact that I didn’t know I would be portrayed as a basic black female on national tv when I did the scene.! The producers didn’t inform me on anything about this neither was I paid.

    Thoughts?💅 You can find the video on the site if you missed it.

araniqueernestI had to post this picture no filter no edits just me. The nasty comments are way too much stop speaking on things when you do not know the true story … I did not make no kind of statement to no one @fameolousent_ so all the lies and extra bs need to stop.. I’m not trying to get no money nor extra Instagram followers saying the show was taped all the way in OCTOBER and I had no idea any of this was even going on. If that was the case I would have been mad a big deal about it.. I LOVE MY BROWN FLAWLESS SKIN 💅🏾




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