No Charges In LAPD Shooting Of Ezell Ford.

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Back in 2014, Los Angeles Police Department conducted an “investigative stop,” during which “a struggle ensued” resulting in the shooting of the suspect, authorities said in a statement.

But in an interview with KTLA News, a woman who identified herself as the mother of victim Ezell Ford said he was lying on the ground, complying with officer’s commands when he was shot in the back.

“My heart is so heavy,” Tritobia Ford told KTLA News. “My son was a good kid. He didn’t deserve to die the way he did.” Ford is said to be black, 25-year-old and mentally handicapped…….

Here’s an update on the situation.

On Tuesday, Lacey’s office detailed the decision not to prosecute the officers in a 28-page report, saying the physical evidence corroborated the officers’ accounts that Ford knocked one officer to the ground and tried to grab his gun. Ford posed “an immediate threat” to the officers, prosecutors wrote, and they acted lawfully when they responded with deadly force.

Standing near a portrait of her son, Tritobia Ford spoke to reporters at the First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon and sobbed as she expressed her dismay with that conclusion.

“The last bit of hope that we had is crushed,” she told reporters.“These officers are going scot-free. They’re getting away with murder. There’s no justice for Ezell.”



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