Oh Drama..Stacy Lattisaw’s Family Is Highly Upset At Johnny Gill Over New Edition Movie.

Image result for stacy lattisaw and johnny gill unsung

In the New Edition Biopic part 2, Johnny Gill  revealed him and  Stacy Lattisaw’ had been high school sweethearts from the time they were 14 years old.

Later, Johnny  reveal that they broke up because her parents didn’t like his skin color. Stacy’s family is highly upset with the claims. Stacy also denies the accusations as well…

TJB reports, Stacy’s brother, Jerry Lattisaw, of the former group Prophet Jones, is speaking out about how he feels his sister and family were portrayed.

My mom don’t care about what color Johnny Gill is!!! If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be in New Edition period!!! She basically got him his first record deal …. by the way, Stacy husband is brownskin too!!! How they gon’ put my motha out there like that! JG u still my brother

Stacey also denied the  accusations as well on social media.

Stacy Lattisaw Retweeted Mike_J

Not at all. The truth will be revealed in time..!

Stacy Lattisaw added,



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