Shad Moss Shades Women Who Wears Weave, Fakes Lashes And More..


Well, Shad those instathots you chase on the gram are exactly what you are  shaming women in doing (wearing makeup, fake hair and etc) . Sounds like someone is being a hypocrite.

Wearing weave and etc. does not make a female less than a woman.  Sometimes a woman wants to upgrade her looks because she wants too not only for an attraction of  a man but to feel good about herself. There is nothing wrong in taking pride in your appearance. There is nothing wrong with natural beauty. Shad have body of 14 year old. What do you know about being a real man?  You need to save that advice. It’s funny how men talks  criticize women wearing weave and etc but will drool over Beyonce, Halle Berry, or a gram model in  the same breath.

  • shadmossSo let me get this straight, women wear fake hair, nails, lashes, contacts. Buy fake tits, lips, ass, and get botox… but want a REAL man??



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