Tony Rock Clarifies His Comments About Steve Harvey.

A few days ago , Tony Rock went the phuck off on Steve Harvey.

“Who the f*** picked Steve Harvey as the representative for all things black?” he asked. “Steve Harvey – let’s keep this sh** funky – Steve Harvey is on his third marriage. His third wife was mistress to his second wife!”

“Yet black people have annointed this motherf*****r the oracle when it comes to black dating!” he continued, clearly in disbelief. “This n****r wrote a book on dating! You on your third wife, homie!”

In another interview, Tony Rock clarifies his statement about Steve Harvey.

“If Donald Trump wanted to meet with someone from the Black community….I just don’t see how him meeting Steve Harvey is beneficial to us as a people” he said.  “Why not meet with the people of Flint Michigan, because their water is still not clean.” he asked.  Although Rock didn’t apologize saying “I speak with no filter; I am comedian.” He did give some clarification on his comments about Harvey’s marriage status;  “You shouldn’t never talk about  a man and his girlfriend or his wife.


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