Double Stories: ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Trying To Get A Reality Show/ And Returns To Dr. Phil On Friday.

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Where do I begin?

Just recently the newly famous disrespectful teen Danielle Bregoli got banned from Spirit  Airline forever.

Oh wait it gets even better. Ms. Danielle and her mom might be trying to a reality show.

That’s according to Palm Beach post.

According to the site, Back in 2009, Boynton Beach locals Danielle and Barbara Bregoli were interviewed by The Palm Beach Post. Their story then looks nothing like their story now. Could Barbara and Danielle be in the midst of starting their own reality show? Heck, Danielle already started doing live streams from Instagram.

The Palm Beach Post spoke to Barbara last week, just five days before her and her daughter’s flight to Los Angeles. She mentioned being in the talks to copyright her daughter’s famous phrase “Cash me ousside, How bow dah.”

In similar news Cash Me Outside’s father speaks out the first time…

Peskowitz, 49, says he is “appalled” by the videos and their reach.

“That behavior is appalling. And it’s appalling that anyone can think it is acceptable behavior,” Peskowitz told The Palm Beach Post Wednesday. “And Dr. Phil? Shame on him.”

The teen and her mom returns to Dr. Phil.

Click Here for a sneak peek.

You can watch the teen in Kodak’s new video.


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