Steve Harvey Address Being Married 3 Three Times On The ‘Steve Harvey Morning Show’.



Comedian Tony Rock went ham on Steve Harvey by call him a hypocrite in a mini rant.

“Who the f*** picked Steve Harvey as the representative for all things black?” he asked. “Steve Harvey – let’s keep this sh** funky – Steve Harvey is on his third marriage. His third wife was mistress to his second wife!”

“Yet black people have annointed this motherf*****r the oracle when it comes to black dating!” he continued, clearly in disbelief. “This n****r wrote a book on dating! You on your third wife, homie!”

I will briefly discuss Steve’s ex wives in a few.  Steve Harvey is iving it up with his current wife Majorie Harvey who is a fashionista on the gram.

Anyway, Steve addresses the little jab on his radio show.

Steve says, “Someone people stay married just say they are married. You’re’ talking to somebody who knows how to get out.”

If you missed the details on Steve’s ex wives click Here and Here to read.


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