Katherine Jackson’s nephew responds to abuse claims.

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A few days ago it was reported, Katherine Jackson, the matriarch of the legendary musical brood — including Janet and the late Michael Jackson — was granted a temporary restraining order against nephew Trent Lamar Jackson.

Court documents obtained by The Times, allege that Jackson’s daughter Rebbie, as well as other family members, have witnessed ongoing abuse by Trent Lamar Jackson, who previously had been employed as Jackson’s driver.

Trent Jackson speaks out and denies the allegations

The younger Jackson appeared on the podcast “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace,” which released Monday.
He denied allegations he has been trying to control the 86-year-old Jackson family matriarch.
“My aunt left here January 22,” Jackson said. “She left me paying the bills and taking care of the household.”
Katherine Jackson was granted a temporary restraining order against her nephew, who according to court documents is accused of having “manipulated her” and “preyed on her kindness.”





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