Nick Cannon Blind Item

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Yesterday, Nick Cannon explained that he’s decided to part ways with NBC — and possibly the entertainment industry as a whole — after he allegedly received backlash from the network over a joke he made during a recent stand-up special on Showtime.

“Sometimes I wish I could say the stuff I really want to say,” Cannon said during his special. “Y’all see my face on America’s Got Talent? Like, this next crazy motherf–er coming to the stage gonna be juggling blindfolded with knives and s–t, so n–as be careful! But I can’t say that. I can’t talk like that. That would mess up the white money


[Blind Gossip] Don’t believe the headlines you are reading. Nobody has quit! And nobody has been fired!


This TV host messed up… but he can’t fix his mess the normal way!

He hasn’t quit and he hasn’t been fired. The headlines are bull.

The legal issue isn’t even in question here. First of all, he is under contract, so he CAN’T just up and quit.

Secondly, he violated his contract, so he CAN be fired.


He’s in a bad position, but he can’t get out of it the normal way (which is to apologize to the network and change the content). If he does that, he’ll probably be accused of selling out and lose face.

So he took a legal issue and turned it into a social issue to get public support.  He’s acting like he’s on some moral high ground (Racism! First amendment!) because he wants other people to jump in and accuse the company of racism and threaten to boycott and use all sorts of SJW tactics.

This isn’t a social issue. This is a legal issue. It’s a simple contract violation that could have been remedied, but now he’s twisting it and making it ten times bigger and taking this scorched earth approach that makes the company look bad and makes it hard to deal with him in an amicable fashion.

Oh, and here’s something interesting: We know for a FACT that he wants to keep this job because it’s an easy gig with a big paycheck. We just all need to figure out a way to allow him to save face without burning the company.


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