Blind Item: Mr. Evil’s Innocent Act

Image result for tamron hall al roker

[Blind Gossip] There is a story going around that this follically-challenged male host of a newsy show feels completely blindsided by some personnel changes on his show.

Maybe not.

He isn’t blindsided at all! He’s not just a host. He’s the evil architect. The producers don’t add or subtract anyone from the show without his say so.

Remember when [His Former Cohost] was fired a few years ago? Mr. Evil knew everything that was happening. Even he couldn’t believe the public bought his innocent act.

Since it worked the first time, they are doing the same thing all over again right now. Both [The Arriving Host] and [The Departing Host] are his decisions, but Mr. Evil will act innocent again. His publicist is the one putting out the “Oh, he was completely blindsided” rumor. Bullsh*t.


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