Ginuwine Confirms His Ex. Sole Lumpkin Is Getting Married Again/ Chante Moore Has A New Man.

Look at God!

Ginuwine confirms in his recent interview with the gorgeous Chante Moore. Ginuwine’s ex. Sole is getting married.

Back in November 2016,  Sole reveal her new love of her life Mr. Professional Griff. Click Here if you missed that.

Here some tea for you guys.

In the clip, Ginuwine says, “Sole is his best friend and says she is getting married. Congrats to Sole!!!!!!

At the 9:10 mark.

Watch the full interview here.

In similar news Chante’s got a man….

In the interview Chante says, “What I love is since I became single six years ago, I was ready to be single. It wasn’t the kind of divorce where you are like arrrggghhhh! Or, I don’t want to love ever again. I really didn’t feel like that. I felt like it was time to just let go. All the other times, I was looking for the one. I was happily single and content. Now that love has found me, I have to embrace it because I feel like I am ready for it. I took the time to just be me and not worry about whether love was going to find me again or not.

Chante reveals the news at the 10:46 mark.



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