Catch That Tea… Lira Galore’s Sex Tape Lawsuit Has Turned In A Federal Investigation.

Lira Galore will not be exploited by thirsty bloggers and for the masses entertainment.   Lira found her inner Iyanla Vanzant and took control of the messy situation. The Video Vixen/ Rick Ross is seeking legal action against those who post the filth on social media.

A few days ago, The model tells TMZ, knows who’s responsible for dishing out the sex vid starring herself and an ex-boyfriend — not Rick Ross — and her legal team’s not wasting any time going after them.

Today, Lira post a document on the gram with this caption.

  • lira_galoreTo all the people that follow me, ESPECIALLY MY GALORE GIRLS. Whether or not you choose to be sexual (on or off camera) it is an entirely different thing to have those moments STOLEN, and EXPLOITED. It’s hard enough being young, and a woman in this society. DO NOT GO SILENT. And to update all those struggling gossip blogs looking to gain exposure by way of promoting and perpetuating sex crimes. THIS IS NOW AN OPEN FEDERAL CASE.


Devil Is A Lie. Tamar Braxton Addresses Rumors About Vince Herbert Conceived A Child Outside Of Their Marriage.

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Messy Thursday edition…..

Tamar Braxton addresses rumors about Vince Herbert conceived a child outside of their marriage on the gram. Messy as phuck.

tamarbraxtonLet me be CRYSTAL clear before this untrue story gets out of hand … this lady is claiming that this beautiful child is Vincent Herbert’s…(on Instagram)🤔.. let me explain to you all what kind of WOMAN I am!! If this was.. she would be MINE as well.. she would be all over MY instagram, media outlets, pictures interviews etc.. because that’s the type of WOMAN I am. I’m not selfish and hateful that I would only recognize the child he has with ME!! I would NEVER hide that part of my husband because he is my husband not my property and I love EVERY parts of him!!! Ok?? I’m not and would NOT be ashamed of HIM or HIS children/child. Why would I want him to miss out on being a part of his daughter’s life?? Do you know how unpleased God would be and how that would effect OUR relationship in the end??… we would be DOOMED!!am I only supposed to talk about LOGAN?? Like, if this was his daughter that would make them siblings… and I would NEVER be so selfish and ashamed to not allow them to be who GOD has called them to be to each other!!! how would that make them feel about ME in years to come?? How WACK would I be?? And what kind of MAN would he be to allow such a disgusting woman just because I’m his so called wife to treat his kids as if they are less than OUR child!! I would punch myself in the face for that crud ball ass shit. All because I’m mad and uncomfortable with how she was conceived?? Listen ladies and gentlemen… don’t let NO ONE come in between you and your kids!! It’s not worth it!! And if they jealous of your kids they don’t love you and only want to control you!! 🏃🏾for the hills… now back to this Instagram baby’s mother… GET YOUR LIFE!! The night before we got married he was over TONI BRAXTON’s house!!! And yes he USED to like white women but only the ones that look like Kelly ripka😩😩😂😂🤣🤣🤣 and you don’t make the cut boo!! so please go to Maury and get your DNA cause ( in Maury’s voice) in the case of the instagram baby mama… you… are.. NOT the father!!! (Cut to) your ass running off the stage falling on the couch crying nooooooo get the cameras out of my face😩😩 #happythursdayyall❤#shitsandgiggles😂


Brandy Honors #International Women’s Day In A Cover Of Fashion Bomb Daily.

Yesterday many women support #International Women’s Day whether it as marching, wearing red shirts, and taking a day off from work. We made a statement!

My  girl B Rocka came through in her latest spread with Fashion Bomb Daily.

Brandy in an exclusive interview about womanhood, motherhood, and the definition of a strong woman.

In the interview, Brandy says,  “[The Definition of a Strong Woman is] when you can hold your ground and you can be firm about your life and the things that you want and the things that you deserve; [It’s when you know] what you’re worth and how you value yourself. Having that kind of poise and having that kind of strength. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to find my own strength because it hasn’t always been like this. I’m thankful that I’m very very strong. I wouldn’t lose that for the world.”
She cites her mother, Sonja Norwood as an example of a strong woman in her life. She explains, “She has always been there for me. She has always shown so much strength in so many different circumstances in both of our lives together. She’s always tried to remind me that I’m here for a reason and I’m here for a huge purpose. [She tells me to not] let anyone try to diminish just why GOD created me. It took me a while to really get that. But, I have it now. I am grateful, and humbled and thankful to her for waiting for me to get to this point. Because it’s hard to watch your daughter go through things and then watch her have to be strong for herself. And then when [I] finally get that strength and get that power [I’ve] been working so hard to get, it’s a relief for her. She can exhale knowing that I have my best interests at heart.”