Ciara In Car Accident In L.A.


Ciara is currently in her third trimester and was in a car accident not too long ago.

TMZ reports, Witnesses tell us Ciara was driving her white Mercedes SUV and was making a left turn when a grey Volvo SUV slammed into the front passenger side of her vehicle.

Police and Fire Dept. responded to the scene. We’re told Ciara was clutching her chest and shoulder, but walking around and talking on her phone.

Law enforcement sources tell us Ciara and the other driver exchanged information, but neither of them was seriously injured.


#NickiMinaj And #Barbz This is What You Call A Diss… #Trina ‘What’s Beef?’…

This is why the music industry is pretty much dead now.

I truly appreciate the real ones in the game. Kiss my ass to those fake ass musicians.

I’m in the mood to troll today.

You should know Nicki Minaj drop 3 “disses” to Remy Ma last night. All tree of them was straight up garbage. Remy Ma laughs are more entertaining than that…

Nicki can  brag about numbers when her lyrics do not even match those sales.

‘Shether’ is a beast on its on without any gimmicks and ass kissing flunkies.

Anyyyyyy body with mediocre music can sell shit these days! You don’t have to have any talent. Just shake your silicon ass in front of the camera , autotune, and my favorite hype. Then you have a new gimmick female rapper. Let’s not forget the label’s  real life blow doll… Cough and a wink…

Shame on Drake for dick riding Nicki. After, she dump your simple ass for Meek Mill. Not  cute boo!

Off topic since it’s Flash Back Friday.

This is a real diss from Trina.

Nicki Minaj’s Brother Threatened Pre-Teen Rape Victim?

If you missed the previous story click Here to read.

Although some folks might be distracted with Nicki released her latest diss toward Remy. But, I refuse to let go of this situation.

Now the prosecution claims Jelani used threats and beatings to keep the child quiet…

From Bossip

“He would make several threats to her,” Slane said in court Thursday. “If she resisted in any way, he would threaten to engage in anal intercourse with her, which she said would hurt her.”

Slane said she’d introduce evidence at trial that Maraj also used to hit the alleged victim to the point that she would start crying, and when the girl’s younger sibling walked in on Maraj allegedly abusing the girl, he warned the youngster not to tell anyone before slapping the kid in the face.

“After telling the child not to talk about what happened, he struck (the sibling) in the face,” Slane said. “These children were in fear of him.”

Prosecutors had initially offered the 39-year-old Maraj a plea agreement of 15 years to life, but Slane said Thursday that the offer was off the table after both sides couldn’t agree on how much time he should serve under a deal.

The trial was supposed to begin later this month but has been postponed until mid April.