Rasheeda Breaks Down So Hard After Learning There’s A Video That Proves Kirk Had A Baby By Jasmine ‘Love And Hiphop Atlanta’ Season 6, Ep 2.

Rasheeda’s shook and broken after talking to Karlie Redd in this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta . At first she thinks Karlie was on some dumb ish for talking to Jasmine Washington about her claims that Kirk’s the father of her child. But Rasheeda takes Karlie’s snooping a lot more seriously when Karlie tells her that Jasmine showed her a video of Kirk holding a baby, and her saying, “Say hi to daddy.”

In addition to the video, Karlie tells Rasheeda that Jasmine claimed Kirk put her up in the couple’s old apartment…

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Toya Wright ‘Relieved’ with Suspect Arrest in Brothers’ Murders.

Back in August of 2016, A neighbor speaks out about the argument before the shooting of Toya’s brothers.John Kemper, 55, said the voices he heard across the street from his residence in the 2800 block of Pauger Street just after midnight Sunday morning were so loud that he peered through the window to see what was happening.

According to reports, Today, New Orleans police have arrested a suspect in the killings of two brothers of reality television personality Toya Wright in the 7th Ward last July.Antoine Edwards, 31, was booked March 9 with two counts of second-degree murder in connection with the deaths of Joshua and Ryan “Rudy” Johnson, court records show. The brothers were found shot to death inside a vehicle at the corner of Pauger and North Miro streets just after midnight July 31, 2016.

TMZ reports, Toya Wright says she’s relieved that cops finally have a suspect in custody for the shooting deaths of her 2 brothers.

Toya tells TMZ … “All we want is justice for my brothers .. We thank everyone for their prayers and support.”

Antoine Edwards.jpg

Look At God! Lil Kim And Voletta Wallace Made Peace.


This is so beautiful Lil Kim and Biggie’s mom Voletta Wallace made peace with each other.

Back in 2005, In a piece of unreleased footage from 2005 published to VladTV, mother of The Notorious B.I.G., Voletta Wallace explains the rift between herself and Lil’ Kim following the rapper’s death.

“After my son’s death, believe it or not, Lil’ Kim and I were close,” Voletta Wallace said. “But I guess she doesn’t—I’m a woman who speaks my mind. Sometimes you say things, the truth hurts, and you take it the wrong way. I did not like the way she was [parading around] national television and radio about Biggie, the love of her life. Her heart, her nose, her mouth, her butt, every part of her. Christopher is not here to defend himself. I was offended. I was offended and I let her know. She didn’t like it and I don’t give a hoot. As far as Lil’ Cease is concerned, they’re all struggling. Christopher is not here. He was a figure in their life that they looked up to and he was not here and everybody just go their separate ways. The ways that they went wasn’t the straight way. As a result they all went down the toilet. But I wish them all well. I might tell them to go to hell and mind their own damn business but deep down I wish them well.”

Asked how the group politics may have differed if her son was still alive, Wallace shared feeling like everybody would “be taking care of their business.”

“If Christopher was here today I know Kim wouldn’t be in jail. Lil’ Cease wouldn’t be on national radio yapping his mouth. They’d be taking care of their business, making beautiful music. But, hey, let’s not complain about spilled milk. It happens.”

It looks like time heals old wounds…

New pictures from last night “Biggie Night” surface on the gram.

Last night, Lil Kim and Voletta Wallace made peace with each other  after several years.

tattle.tailzzHere’s another picture with the lovely Ms. Wallace x Diddy x Lil Kim last night in Brooklyn- the first picture we showed wasn’t as embracing as this one. #SpreadLove #Brooklyn #Diddy#BiggieDay


Soulja Boy Speaks Out And Wants To Expose His Mother And Brother.


Last week rapper Soulja Boy was blasted by his own brother on a scorching diss track for leaving their mother behind in the hood.

Soulja Boy’s mama confirms the reports below.

Soulja Boy rants on social media about incident on social media. The rapper called his mother a crack head and says his brother is not about that life. Also, Soulja Boy plans on telling his side of the story soon…



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