‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Season 9 Episode 17.



After Phaedra’s attempt to reunite the group fails, Kandi and Todd decide to bring everyone together for a roast of Peter. Shereé is forced to decide if she should move forward with or without Bob, while Cynthia and Peter come to terms with the end of their marriage. Meanwhile, Kenya and Phaedra’s newfound friendship is put to the test as Kenya hosts a party that has Phaedra feeling seasick on dry land.

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Angela Yee’s Lip Service: Have A Little Faith Feat. Faith Evans.


We are honored to have the original Bad girl Legend, Faith Evans on the show! Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire, Stephanie Santiago & Lore’l join Faith in one of the realist conversation ever on Lip Service! To discuss her relationship with Stevie J, and how he changed after they slept together, burying the hatchet with Lil Kim, and reaching out to her for a feature on a song, where they both confess the feelings they shared for the late Notorious B.I.G. Which brings the ladies to ask who should be to blame when infidelity occurs, your significant other or the person they cheated with, they also talk Sex parties, swingers club, fake Rolex’s and what to do if someone you just met says those three words but you don’t feel the same. Be on the look out for Faith’s new duet album featuring Biggie titled “The King and I” due out this May!

#ATLOrgy Speaks Out In A Brief Interview With Rolling Out.


I’m ashame to post this on Sunday…

Here it goes…

It all went down Social media is currently trending about the #ATLOrgy.

Details below..

 Several people who claimed to be at the sex party used social media to express their displeasure with the men to women ratio. There were initial reports that dozens of men were at the private location, but there were hardly any women in the vicinity. At one point, Twitter user @Godl3v3l claimed that several transsexuals arrived at the party, but they were eventually forced to leave. He also tweeted that he paid $327 for a flight from Los Angeles and was upset over the result…


The organizer of this freaky event speaks out.

Cidney G spoke with rolling out to share her thoughts on the sex party and the initial backlash.

“We ordered 300 condoms, we will have lube, and security, “ Cidney G said during an interview with rolling out. “This is a 21-year-old and over event. People seem to only care about safe sex when it’s an orgy. Be responsible for yourself. We hope you make a great personal choice. No drugs will be allowed and there is a bring your own beer policy. Shout-out to my single ladies. We have people coming from Houston, New York, and L.A. Now, the ratio is even between single men and women.”

AIDS and HIV don’t have ya’ll shook I don’t know what will…..

Be careful, Be careful it is not a game out here people! The shit is real.  Folks are willingly risk their lives for some freaky shit. It’s all fun and games until you get caught up in some mess. Like testing positive for HIV or AIDS. Come on now! Wrap it up and get tested!!! 

Social media reacts..

Apparently the was an scam set up by a psych student for her term paper and like 27 guys paid $175 each and no girls showed😂😂

Drake Has Words For Meek Mill On Single “Free Smoke” On ‘More Life’ Album.

Remember when Meek Mill says Drake has a ghostwriter.

Drake has some words for Meek Mill on the track  “Free Smoke”.

On the opener “Free Smoke,” Drake drops subliminal jabs at his old foe, asking “How you let the kid fighting ghostwriting rumors turn you into a ghost?” Drake goes on to clown Meek, rapping “Oh you n*ggas got no jokes.” Read  here.

In similar news, Meek Mill hand is still injured.

Meek was cited for misdemeanor assault earlier this week for allegedly fighting 2 guys at the St. Louis airport.


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