Tiger Woods Interview On ‘Good Morning America’ Says He Is ‘Trying Everything I Can Do’ To Return To Masters Glory.

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I hope Tiger can make a come back. It is really looking sad for the Tiger Woods fans.

Tiger does an interview with GMA.

“I’m trying. I’m trying everything I can do to be able to get back and play,” Woods, 41, said today on “Good Morning America.” “I love that event. It’s meant so much to me in my life.”

It was 1997 when Woods broke into super-stardom by winning The Masters at the age of 21, becoming the tournament’s youngest winner and first African-American winner. Woods has won The Masters four times in all, earning his last victory in 2005.

“It has so much history and meaning to me that I’d love to get back,” said Woods, whose new book “The 1997 Masters: My Story,” chronicles his historic 1997 win.

Woods, who now lives in Jupiter, Florida, would go on to win 79 PGA Tour events and 14 major golf championships. His career has been hampered in recent years by injuries, primarily his back.

Click Here to watch.


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