Tamar Braxton Reveals She Had A Miscarriage On Last Night Episode Of ‘Braxton Family Values’


It’s not a secret Tamar has infertility issues as she stated on previous episodes of ‘BFV’,

Tamar shares this painful secret about her miscarriage to her oldest sister Toni Braxton.

“You know, I didn’t tell nobody because it was very very new,” Tamar says to Toni in the clip about her recent pregnancy. “Well, maybe, like, a week before I went to Atlanta, I found out that I was pregnant.” When Toni, 49, asks if this means that Tamar, 40, is currently pregnant, Tamar replies, “No, I was.” And Toni tells her sister, “I’m sorry, Tay.”

Toni says to the camera, “I was really disappointed that she didn’t tell me, but I understood. Sometimes, it’s between a husband and a wife. But I was glad that she finally told me, and I could be there and hold her hand because I’m sure that was a disappointing situation that happened for her.”

Click Here to watch the clip. I will post the full episode when it is available.


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