Nas Manager Has Some Words For BET Network And Regrets Selling ‘Street Dreams’ To The Network.


Just recently BET Network  let go both Both, BET Programming president Stephen Hill and head of Original Programming Zola Mashariki left the network. Click Here if you missed that.

The eff up part of this entire situation is how the network did Zola.

According to reports, But according to sources with knowledge of internal discussions, Mashariki was caught off guard by public statements issued by the network and its CEO Debra Lee, which indicated she was out too. Mashariki sent her colleagues an email this week, notifying them that she’s been on medical leave since February after being diagnosed with breast cancer and that she planned on returning to her job. A spokesperson for BET said that she’s no longer employed. “These claims misrepresent the facts and are without merit,” the rep told Variety. “We strongly deny any allegation of wrongdoing.”

Nas manager has some words for the network and even regrets selling the biopic to BET.

dude_br0This is the America I’m putting my energy towards. Debra Lee you have the audacity to do something so disgusting to someone fighting for their life. We discuss diversity amongst each other almost every day. Women & African Americans are two of the most deprived minority groups in this country & they are also the least likely to fight for one another. How could we ever allow someone fighting to live get news like this dumped on their fucking head. all you folks wanna have all these fucking opinions about our president but don’t want to even look out for the person that looks like you, struggles like you & fought the same fights as you. This is one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen in my career. To my father & brother who gave their lives for me to have a shot at being great, to my family who has always supported me despite my absence, to my friends that have been patient with me… I apologize to you all. I let you down. I sold a show to WACK ASS BET. To @nas … I finally made my first mistake & it was a big one. I’m gonna walk with shame and humility publicly on this one but god knows I’m gonna do something about it. And to Zola …. we sold our show to you. You were the only reason & you legitimized that place. Watch my little ass take that fucking place down. Save the opinions too. I ain’t having it to



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