Towanda Braxton Threatens Legal Action Against MTO.

On, Thursday, Towanda added fuel to the fire when she spilled confirmed rumors about Vince bit Tamar click Here if you missed that.

Towanda threatens to seek legal action against MTO over the story.

: Last night on the WE show Braxton Family Values, Tamar Braxton told viewers that she had a “miscarriage”. Well now her sister Towanda is saying that Tamar’s lying. According to Towanda, Tamar was never pregnant. The IVF just “didn’t take”. Look, here’s what she said:

  1. This is me with They better stop with this foolishness… As I’m signing this…

  2. Tapping your shoulder… calling you out on false reports…ask who he is. nobody has time for mess

  3. towanda braxton Retweeted MEDIATAKEOUT

    Ummm…I NEVER confirmed that…let me introduce you to my attorney… Enjoy your day…

    towanda braxton added,



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