Comedian Mike Epps Says He Would Never Hurt A Kangaroo.

Mike Epps receive tons of backlash for a having a Kangaroo on stage during his recent show in Detroit. The comedian reassures fans that he would never put the animal in any danger.

Some of the comments that the concern readers have for the animal.

  • johana_officialThere’s nothing funny about that. The kangaroo should’ve caught him with those legs. Imagine someone walking him around all damn day in a harness for entertainment. SMH
  • tjthewondercat#mikeeppsanimalabuse
  • myangel0801@jam_i_la anyone or an entity associated with having anything to do with this animal abuse should be boycotted.
  • bellamermaid1I hope the kangaroo shatters his knees one day🙄 they shouldn’t be abused like this, they are not for entertainment

Today the comedian shares a new picture of him feeding the Kangaroo on the gram.

talkyourishblogLink in bio.
Mike Epps and the Kangaroo on the gram.
REPOST from @eppsie – Yeh look how nice Iam 2 him ! Theses guys are license zoo keepers ! #iloveanimals you # loveputtinpeopleinjail #iheldhimonaleash#nevertriedtohurthim
#mikeepps #kangeroo #comedian#comedy #detroit #rickeysmiley


  • eppsieForgive me ,I can’t please everybody i did not hurt the animal ok ,the guy who’s kangaroo it was brought it on the stage ! I said sorry get the fuck off my page if you gonna keep talkin shit Iam sittin her apologizing and you still talkin shit if you not a fan stop makin comments!! #yallwasnotmyfansnoway
  • Capture.PNG

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