Mike Epps’ Kangaroo Stunt Lands The Comedian In Hot Water With The Feds.


The Kangaroo gate begins…

Yesterday , the comedian did a half ass apology after folks roasted his ass for having a damn kangaroo on the stage. Folks says Mike was a little too rough with the animal on stage.

Mike Epps responds to the backlash on the gram

  • eppsieForgive me ,I can’t please everybody i did not hurt the animal ok ,the guy who’s kangaroo it was brought it on the stage ! I said sorry get the fuck off my page if you gonna keep talkin shit Iam sittin her apologizing and you still talkin shit if you not a fan stop makin comments!! #yallwasnotmyfansnoway

It looks like this situation is far from over…..

Today, A rep for the U.S. Dept of Agriculture tells TMZ the agency wants to make sure the kangaroo was not being mishandled during the comedy show where Mike Epps performed Friday night in Detroit. As we told you, many fans in the audience felt the kangaroo was cruelly displayed onstage. It was lifted up multiple times, and at least once Epps grabbed the animal’s harness to pose for a photo.


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