Say What? K. Michelle Says This About ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Producers Told Her She Acted Too Black.


Back in October 2016, K. Michelle quit the show after watching ‘ Birth of A Nation’. K. Michelle she stop filming ‘LHHATL’ she felt bad about behavior on ‘LHHATL’ and says girl you up here trying to fight bag lady (Rasheeda) .

K. Michelle spills some tea on the producers of the show on the Gram Live.

” I don’t like being fake. Did you notice the switch up? …When I was on ‘Love and Hip Hop,’ red wig? I was like this, ‘Whoppty whoop, whoopty whoop, whoopty whoop!’ I was real honest. Then they told me I was too black. And then I start tryin’ to change. They kept tellin me I was too black.

“I’m black. It ain’t nothing you can do. Ain’t no bleaching going on. I’m just a black girl. I’m a African-American girl who’s smart, educated, talented, and don’t take no s***. It’s not a very difficult concept to grasp, you know?”


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