Tyga And Lil Wayne Reunites On New Track ‘Act Ghetto’.

Although, Tyga left Young Money to join Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music Label click here if you missed the original story.

Lil Wayne and Tyga team up once again for Tyga’s newest track  ‘Act Ghetto’.

Details below.

On the track Tyga raps, . “She just wanna act ghetto,” he raps. “She just wanna dance like a stripper, rap like a ni**a / She just wanna rub her titties, pop her ass / She just wanna act ghetto when the cameras flash.”

Later, he references RiRi and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner. “She wanna stunt like Rihanna, might make me wear Puma / Gettin’ checks like Kylie, yeah, everyday I do it.”

Meanwhile, Weezy raps about a girl who’s had some surgical enhancements. “She just wanna get her booty done,” he rhymes. “And she give me head while she chewing gum.”

Listen Here.


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