#BoycottPepsi Social Media Drags Kendall Jenner And Pepsi Over Ad Where Soda Solved Police Brutality.

Remember this iconic photo of Leshia Evans, 28, a mother and licensed practical nurse from New York, was attending the Baton Rouge protest, in Louisiana, over the fatal shooting of a black man by police, when she was arrested.

The moment was captured in a moving photograph: Evans in a flowing dress standing with her arms crossed facing down a line of heavily armed police while two armored officers rush forward to put her in handcuffs.

After being released from jail, Evans – whose identity was revealed exclusively by DailyMail.com – said she was acting as a ‘vessel’ for God during the tense confrontation.
‘I just need you people to know,’ she said on Facebook this morning. ‘I appreciate the well wishes and love, but this is the work of God. I am a vessel! Glory to the most high! I’m glad I’m alive and safe. And that there were no casualties that I have witnessed first hand.’

If you missed Activist DeRay Mckesson was  also arrested in a protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Click the link.

Yesterday, Pepsi sparked numerous backlash over their recent ad.

, epsi released an ad featuring Kendall Jenner joining a protest-like march and giving a soda to a group of stern police officers. Elle titled a critique of the commercial, “Pepsi and Kendall Jenner Co-opt the Resistance to Sell You Soda.”

Evans, who is the mother of a five-year-old son, had become 'overwhelmed with emotion' while watching the demonstrations and so had decided to travel from her home in New York to take part, a friend told Dailymail.com

  1. the new ad evoking imagery of in Baton Rouge is total exploitative brand social activism bs 👋🏼


TFW you want for your Pepsi commercial but you gave all the money to Kendall Jenner instead…🤣


  1. Quick. Someone send a can of Pepsi and a Instamodel to Syria. And Egypt. And North Korea. And pour some on the water in Flint, MI.

  2. The worst part of this ad is that a company as big as Pepsi doesn’t have anyone near the top who told them that ad is not ok.

    Watch below.



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