Adrienne Bailon’s Israel Houghton Faces Foreclosure Of Family Home Over $90K Debt.


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When it rain it pours more trouble seems to follow the couple.

Mr. Houghton owes a whopping $90k in debt.

According to Bossip reports, The home where Israel Houghton lived with his ex-wife and raised three kids is now in default after the former mega-church preacher stopped paying the mortgage for almost a year, BOSSIP has learned.

Last week, Deutsche Bank sued Houghton and ex Meleasa to foreclose their one-time family home in Harris County, Tx. Court, contending that the father of five hadn’t paid the mortgage in several months.

The bank said that it notified Houghton about the missed payments and gave him time to fix the arrears. However, Houghton missed the deadline and the bank wants the whole mortgage amount paid or his family tossed out, according to court papers.


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