Birdman Remind Folks About 1 Billion Cash Money Record Plaque.. Until Things Went Left.


Yesterday, Stunna went on a profanity filled rant reminded  folks. *Clears Throat* He does not need to make anymo’  records while he  proceeds to show off his billion plaque.

” Big boy shit right here! A billionnnn units I need to say this to all this dick sucking fuck niggas like for real, for real. I don’t give a fuck if I sell another record bitch. I accomplished what I never thought I would accomplish. This shit is bigger than MC Donald’s . Bitch!”


Everything was okay until those comments about Weezy came rolling in…  Got damn!

  • symph0nyThis nigga has the nerve to try & stunt like this when he knows his business reputation aint all that🤔
  • issa_qaguileraPay your artist baller oh yeah you losing money and law suits karmas a bitch and you didn’t do shit to sale those records nobody ever checked for you pay WAYNE the one who got you there
  • reign_supreme__You eating and living good but can’t pay Weezy that $52 million he’s owed. That’s your “son” right??? Without Weezy, Juvie, Turk and BG there would be no Cash Money
  • j.cummings17Don’t forget about the artist that made the label. Shoutout Wayne and his artists not to mention he keep that ship floating when everyone was leaving. And none was talking about cash money
  • msstealyourgirl2122Fuck you birdman with your dick in the booty ass pay lil wayne he been real loyal to your gay ass if it wasn’t for him you would have never got that dick in the booty ass n****
  • dabbossPay Wayne and #freethecarter fuck birdman
  • likkledredPay lil Wayne !
  • likkledredHow you eating and your team starving
  • eltgbaghdadcity2God bless @liltunechi for be responsible for you getting that billion unit record for also bringing @nickiminaj @champagnepapi for the record they sold also pay them especially Wayne when everyone left cash money he stay truth to you @birdman5star
  • antonjohnson5346Yeah after u robed everybody homo thug
  • djmillion@birdman5star but you ain’t paying your artist or trying to let Wayne go #48lawsofpower reputation is everything
    • sammillenialYou embarrass New Orleans, and you embarrass black people. Everyone knows you are stealing LITTLE DWAYNE CARTER’s money.
    • sammillenialEveryone knows Lil’ Wayne deserves the buffet and you deserve a styrofoam to-go plate. @birdman5star
    • oluwatomixCongratulations to Dwayne Michael Carter, Wayne, Weezy and Tunechi for the 1 billion records plague. Your ass face does nothing but rob hands and rob hardworking people. Free C5 and Pay wayne or u get no Respek from anybody. Ass face
    • sammillenialHow you do this to your own kind? Even if you don’t feel any brotherhood towards your people, how do you do it to the man you raised? The man you were kissing on? @birdman5star
    • fontenot23mikeSmh Don’t be greedy pay wayne gay ass nigga😂😂
    • sammillenialYuuuuuuuck. I wish I could listen to Drake without your ass making a dime.
    • cokeboychuckPay Wayne
    • sunnyboatengYou could not have done all the plaques without Wayne and the rest of the guys you clown. Pay Wayne him money and pay all producers!



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