French Montana Calls In And Explain His “Nappy Head’ Twitter Comments on The Breakfast Club.

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BFC reacts to French Montana’s ignorant statement below.

French calls in the show to explain the situation and says he loves black women. Roll eyes…

You should know French works with Puff  and the Revolt channel. The Breakfast Club did not went ham on French Montana at all…

At the 2:55 mark, “French says, “I’m not going to let nobody say anything to me. I ain’t gonna say anything back you know.. I don’t know why it turn into a racist thing like you know. There are other things to worry about like it is really racist in this country. You know like i’m just defending myself. You can’t defend yourself.

French continues to tap dance… “My son is black and my ex wife is black… .” French claims he does not know nappy was a racist word.

But, French is supposedly black though.

Charlamagne ass kissing in this interview is a bit too much.



  1. Can’t believe he said on Twitter he can’t be racist towards Black people because he was born in Africa and lived there 13 years. Tf? I mean, that’s like me saying I can’t be racist against Native Americans because I was born in North America. It doesn’t work like that dude.

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