TIP Shades Omarosaa Manigault ‘s Teeth On ‘The View’ Talks About Steve Harvey And Kanye West.

On Thursday, TIP defended Snoop Dogg over ‘Lavender video’ that premiere not too long ago. Tip went on a rant on social media about Donald Trump.

Also in the interview.

  • Co-host Sunny Hostin chimed in, “President Trump says Omarosa’s role is to bridge a gap with the African American community.”
  • T.I. snapped, “She can’t even bridge the gap in her teeth, you know what I’m saying?”
  • TIP and comedian Steve Harvey and singer Kanye West for getting all publicly cozy with Trump. Harvey met with  Donald Trumpin Trump Tower in January.
  • Steve continued to speak about the backlash  until this very day.
  • “Before we can get anywhere with this president person in office, we have to address all of the disrespect and degrading that was done during the campaign, you know what I mean?” T.I. said. “…What about addressing the disrespect and disregard for our community and being the poster child for white supremacy? …Before you address that, there is no other conversation

Watch the full interview below.


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