Day: April 7, 2017

True Or Nah? Phaedra Parks Loses Her Peach And Is Rumor To Be Fired From ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’.

Word on the streets, Phaedra is fired from the show.

B. Scott reports, Sources exclusively tell that Phaedra Parks was NOT given her renewal papers to return for season 10 of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’
“Everyone was given their renewal papers last week and Phaedra didn’t get hers. She got caught in so many treacherous lies this season that even the producers (including Andy Cohen) have had enough. She even brought ‘fake’ divorce papers to the reunion to prove a point. No one knows whether she’s telling the truth about anything anymore.”
Our sources also say that Phaedra tried to blame the lesbian lie she fed Porsha Williams on producer Carlos King — which might have something to do with why he won’t be back to work on the show next year.

We have to wait and see if the network or Phaedra confirms the news.

Let us revisit the past rumors about shady Phaedra’s antics. Click Here, Here,  Here if you missed that.

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Chris Brown and Lil Wayne Caught In Federal Drug Sting.

Chris Brown and rapper Lil Wayne under investigation for their connections to a well-known Miami drug dealer…

According to The Miami Herald reports,

Miami music producer Harrison Garcia, on trial for federal drug charges, used Instagram to upload photos of himself posing with exotic cars, stacks of cash, and rappers Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

But investigators believe he did more than just party with the hip-hop stars.

Federal authorities on Thursday revealed they are investigating a $15,000 wire transfer last year from Brown to the bank account of Garcia, who boasted that the money was for drugs and the popular cough syrup-and-soda known as “lean.” And Garcia, when he was first arrested last October, confessed that he sold Lil Wayne “a lot of narcotics,” a federal agent testified on Thursday in Garcia’s trial for drug dealing.

…jurors got to see evidence of Lil Wayne — whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter — and Brown’s involvement in the form of text messages seized from Garcia’s phones.

The messages appeared to show Garcia directing his “do-boy” to deliver drugs to Lil Wayne and his crew. “I’ll shoot u some trees,” one message read, a reference to marijuana. “It’s for Wayne,” Garcia allegedly responded via text.

The text message about Brown was more explicit. Garcia sent a bragging text message to a woman of a screen shot of the $15,000 bank deposit from “Christopher Brown” into his account.

“Look who put money my account,” Garcia wrote.

The woman responded: “What that for LOL”

Garcia replied with several smiley face emojis: “Drugs … lean and sh-t.”

Memphitz Is Trying To Put An End In His Legal Problem After He Was Accused Robbing Victim At Car Wash Could Face Up To 10 years in Jail…


Back in 2015, If you missed the story about Memphitz recent legal situation click Here to read. Memphitz does a recent interview with Vlad TV.. He claims that he did not “come up to this car wash and just go ham” like it’s been portrayed. He added, “F*** talking ’bout I robbed a carwash.” Police are investing and worse case scenario he’s facing a few month in jail. Mr. Mickey Wright said he was stolen from and “Maybe I handled it wrong, maybe I didn’t handle it wrong, but the state will decide that.”

Later, Memphitz explained the situation on Vlad TV. Click Here to watch that.

Bossip reports, Memphitz is mulling a plea deal to put an end to his armed robbery case – but it involves major prison time, BOSSIP has learned.

The Fulton County District Attorney has offered Memphitz 10 years in jail and 15 years of probation in exchange for pleading guilty to a slew of charges, including armed robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, according to court papers.

Another One… Rob Kardashian In Denial About His Daughter Racial Background Or Nah?

Yes, you can add this to the growing list of the Kardashians/ anyone associated with the Kardashians   racial issues.

Here’s a recap Kendall Jenner and the highly offensive Pepsi commercial. French Montana lost his effing mind where he attack a young black girl over her hair and refer to her as a hoe. (*I cuss hiss ass out on social media with no phucks given*)

I’m still waiting for a response…..

And then…… Rob K. is deeply in denial about his daughter Dream’s racial background. All this went down in the last few days.  I need a vacation and a drink asap.

Is it something in the water?

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In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Rob Kardashian made a few comments about his daughter, Dream….

When asked by Khloé if he’s scared of being a dad, Rob simply responds by saying, “I can’t wait to have an Armenian baby.” In turn, Khloé says, “And probably a little bit black,” reminding him that he’s not the only one responsible for Dream: Blac Chyna is the baby’s mother.
However, instead of acknowledging this point, Rob replies by saying, “It’s gonna be an Armenian baby” and later adds, “Let’s not make this a race war.”

Click here to watch.


Cuba Gooding Jr. defends Sarah Paulson skirt-lift.

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Kathy Bates was being introduced to a crowd inside Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, Paulson, 42, greeted the actress as Gooding, 49, grabbed her sheath from behind. Click Here if you missed the story.

Cuba Gooding Jr. defends his actions.

“I have two sons in college … and I say to them, ‘Guys, the internet, it’s a beast. It’s an information highway without regulation. Any image you put on there can be interpreted any way it wants to,” Gooding, 49, told People on Thursday. “I said to my sons again, I said, ‘The only thing you can do is represent your moral compass and who you are. Because images are going to be out there without your control, so continue standing in your integrity.’”