Another One… Rob Kardashian In Denial About His Daughter Racial Background Or Nah?

Yes, you can add this to the growing list of the Kardashians/ anyone associated with the Kardashians   racial issues.

Here’s a recap Kendall Jenner and the highly offensive Pepsi commercial. French Montana lost his effing mind where he attack a young black girl over her hair and refer to her as a hoe. (*I cuss hiss ass out on social media with no phucks given*)

I’m still waiting for a response…..

And then…… Rob K. is deeply in denial about his daughter Dream’s racial background. All this went down in the last few days.  I need a vacation and a drink asap.

Is it something in the water?

Image result

In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Rob Kardashian made a few comments about his daughter, Dream….

When asked by Khloé if he’s scared of being a dad, Rob simply responds by saying, “I can’t wait to have an Armenian baby.” In turn, Khloé says, “And probably a little bit black,” reminding him that he’s not the only one responsible for Dream: Blac Chyna is the baby’s mother.
However, instead of acknowledging this point, Rob replies by saying, “It’s gonna be an Armenian baby” and later adds, “Let’s not make this a race war.”

Click here to watch.



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