Memphitz Is Trying To Put An End In His Legal Problem After He Was Accused Robbing Victim At Car Wash Could Face Up To 10 years in Jail…



Back in 2015, If you missed the story about Memphitz recent legal situation click Here to read. Memphitz does a recent interview with Vlad TV.. He claims that he did not “come up to this car wash and just go ham” like it’s been portrayed. He added, “F*** talking ’bout I robbed a carwash.” Police are investing and worse case scenario he’s facing a few month in jail. Mr. Mickey Wright said he was stolen from and “Maybe I handled it wrong, maybe I didn’t handle it wrong, but the state will decide that.”

Later, Memphitz explained the situation on Vlad TV. Click Here to watch that.

Bossip reports, Memphitz is mulling a plea deal to put an end to his armed robbery case – but it involves major prison time, BOSSIP has learned.

The Fulton County District Attorney has offered Memphitz 10 years in jail and 15 years of probation in exchange for pleading guilty to a slew of charges, including armed robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, according to court papers.


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