‘Basket Ball Wives’ Star Evelyn Lozada Denies Blocking Jennifer Williams From Joining ‘Basket Ball Wives LA’.

The last time we heard from Jennifer when she promoted her show on ‘Next 15’ on TV One and she briefly discussed ‘Basketball Wives’.

I’m assuming you know that Shaunie O’Neal joined Basketball Wives LA and Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada pulled pop-ups.
Ooh, here you go.

Would you ever stop by to hang with the LA ladies?
Malaysia [Pargo]’s actually a really good friend of mine. It’s funny because [she’s] been like, “Come on the show, come on the show.” And she asked me last year, and I was like, “Hell no, I won’t do it. I won’t do it.” I recently went to brunch with her and she was trying to talk me into it and I said, “I guess now that I’m back on reality TV it could kind of make sense. I know people are probably dying to see me onBasketball Wives because I feel like the show was named after me because I was a basketball wife. It kind of makes sense but I don’t know. It’s just kind of crazy because now I live in LA and now Basketball Wives LA is the only one that’s on. I guess you gotta stay tuned for that and we’ll see.

Click Here if you missed that.

Evelyn chats with HipHollywood and denies she has absolutely  nothing to do with getting her former BFF Jennifer blocked from the show.

Tami had this event and she went to the event, and one of the producers called me and said  Jennifer and Tami are having a conversation how do you feel about it, kind of feeling me out,” explained Lozada.

“My thing to the producer was this is someone that I was really friends with for a really really long time. I’m not going to talk about our relationship on the show because outside of the show I reached out to her, privately. Like I don’t want to just do stuff for the show and that was what it was.

Evelyn continues…

“Jennifer was like ‘Oh My God, well now that makes sense’ … she didn’t have all of the information.”

“She knows now that that’s really the place where I was coming from,” added Lozada. “Like if we hash things out and have a conversation I’d rather do it privately, and then move forward.”


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